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Fierce Mobile Detailing is Southern California’s premier full service mobile detailing company. We provide high quality mobile auto detail services throughout San Diego. We bring a full service detail shop to you. Our fully powered detail rig is equipped with our own supply of spot-free water, pressure washer, electricity, the finest detail products, specialized polishing equipment, and highly skilled and certified detailing artists. We can achieve show car quality detailing at your home, office, or location of your choice. We have specialized detailing services for exotic vehicles, luxury vehicles, classics, yachts, RV’s, airplanes, and motorcycles. Fierce mobile detailing is proudly owner operated and guarantees all work will be done properly and exceed your expectations. 


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We also detail RVs, Motorcycle, Boats and Airplanes!


Ceramic Coating starting at $899!

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Monthly SPECIAL!!! $50 OFF!

Wash clay & wax and interior conditioning $200


$250-$500 Resurrection Polish

Includes wash and clay and polish to bring your paint back to life again and give it that pop that has diminished in time! Price vary depending on vehicle size.


$450 Ultimate Package

That includes interior deep clean scrub shampooed matt's shampoo interior condition door jams clean and wipe down vents also cleaned and exterior wise, engine steam cleaned clay and paint correction to remove all contamination on paint buff out scratches and finish with a wax for the ultimate shine, and then final headlight restoration and also a 6-month paint sealant!


$350 Full Detail

That includes exterior clay paint correction and wax and interior extreme deep cleaning shampoo interior Matts and leather condition interior!!  Prices may also very depending on condition of paint and interior. Prices will slightly be more for SUVs and minivans and larger vehicles!


$350-$700 Paint Correction

Paint correction starts at $350 and up depending on the size of vehicle and also the condition of paint and also the level of paint correction!


$250 Mini Detail

Includes wash and wax also deep interior scrub shampoo of carpets and mats air vents jams and last conditioning of interior for that new look again!!


$175 Interior Detail

Price depending on condition of interior. Includes wash and interior scrub and shampooed and then leather/ vinyl conditioning to make look new again.


$75 Interior Conditioning

Includes chemical guys conditioning serum that is not greasy at all that gives a refresh look to interior plastic and seats for long-lasting life.


$175 Clay and Wax and Wash

Includes clay and wax


$70 Headlight Restoration

Brings back clarity to headlights. And we also apply a layer of ceramic coating to prevent lenses from turning yellow again!


$75 Seats Cleaning

Deep clean and stain removal depending on the size of the vehicle and of the condition of seats - prices may vary!


$45 Extreme Wash

Includes wash, tire and wheel cleaning inside vacuum and wipe down of panels and door jams and windows.

  • $70 for SUV’s and mini vans
  • $80 for larger SUV's
  • $90 for extended versions.

Prices may vary depending on condition of vehicle!


$25 Mats Cleaning

Deep stain removal


$95 Wash and Wax

Meguiars wax is the name of product that will be used!

All prices are subject to change. Vehicles that are excessively dirty, have light or cloth interiors, have animal hair, heavy kid use, neglect, oversized, or require extra labor due to oxidation removal or paint polishing are subject to additional costs.

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